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  • “The best thing about working with the Fatafati team is their personal service and attention to detail. As a small business, we appreciate speaking to actual people with actual ideas. From design to tech support, Fatafati has provided the human element that really makes a difference. They work with our budget, and they work with our vision... and they’ve made the website of our dreams come to life.  The Fatafati team is as bug-free and functional as their web design and programming!”

    JOSHUA CICERONE Former VP & Creative Director, Dalzell Productions (2002-2009)
  • “I've been working with Fatafati for over 10 years now. From the first version of our website to now, they have been consistently delivering great work at a very reasonable price. We would go through a website redesign every few years and Fatafati's quotes and scope of work always beats the competition. Jeanie will walk you through every detail and explain all the work that needs to be done and make great suggestions for you. They take the time to understand your brand and know what you want even if you find it hard to explain. You would not be disappointed when you have Fatafati looking out for your website.”

    Edward Chan
    Edward Chan COO, Ling Skincare Ltd.
  • "Without a Doubt Fatafati has been a godsend to our business. We had a website setup through someone else that wasnt producing much in the way of traffic or revenue. Z and his team came in and built us a top notch website that is perfoming and producing for us! On top of that they had the patience to work with a compter novice like myself. They were understanding and detailed in making sure that i understood all the many complex issues as it concerns my website. Honestly I dont think you can get a better company to work with as it concerns building your website."

    Brian Payton
    Brian Payton CEO, ATW Investments Inc.
  • "From the very first conversation with the folks at Fatafati, I knew they were a perfect fit for my small business. No matter what day or time I need their attention, I am never made to feel as if it is a burden. They have set my mind at ease on many a late night while working on my web site. In addition to the great personal attention, I always know what I am going to have to spend for their services, up front – never any surprises! The work is always fantastic, both on the front end and the back end. And the thing that makes working with Fatafati fun, is that they are great people!"

    Steve Monistere
    Steve Monistere President – Who Dat?, Inc. & The Paramount Organization, Inc.
  • “Sometimes you just need a simple website, and you need it done well. That’s why I use Fatafati. They’re real people. Not cartoon characters. Real people with real solutions. Fatafati knows that a website represents its owner, from look to functionality. Fatafati is flexible enough to work with any client, even the subversive ones! They’re the best. I hate everybody... but I love Fatafati.”

    The Stranger
    The Stranger Author & Illustrator, Bob Hates Andy
  • “In a word...GREAT. Fatafati took the tension, anxiety, confusion and indecision out of creating our website. Their process helped us create a virtual space that reflected our vision and facilitated our needs. Ultimately THAT is what a website is supposed to be”

    Randy Simon
    Randy Simon Founder, RFS Wolf
  • "Fatafati customer service is second to none. We appreciate their knowledge, expertise, and promptness to produce a creative and amazing website that we are extremely satisfied with today. The communication between Fatafati and I throughout the entire process was superb. I was able to work hand and hand with their team to input my ideas, which made the process personally beneficial. Fatafati left such a positive impression with our company, it eliminated all the other bad memories we had working with other web designers. They are simply the best in their field, and no one else is a close comparison."

    Joseph Sidaros
    Joseph Sidaros GM, Atlas Flooring Houston
  • “The crew at Fatafati provides personalized service and has been a pleasure to work with over the years. I have found them to be available 24/7 to answer questions and address changes when needed. They do a great job of capturing the essence of my messaging onto my website.”

    PETER ABACI, MD Author & Co-Founder, Bay Area Pain and Wellness Centers
  • "The Fatafati team ROCKS! Fatafati designed and built our website for talent management and casting. We use the website's internal casting features daily to manage and run the business. We have been working with Fatafati since we started the business in 2007 and they continue to provide creative services and support as we grow. I would recommend Fatafati for any design, development, and online marketing ventures for any size budget or business."

    Samantha Roos
    Samantha Roos Founder, Gilla Roos Miami
  • I am very happy with my website because its simple but very effective; a clean site with a flawless look. Even someone without any technical background would definitely appreciate it. The design is very professional and consistent, easy to navigate and the load time of the page is quite fast. I have heard nothing but very good, professional comments from my clients about my website that has created for me. The design team and web developers always paid great attention and listened to what I wanted and produced a great website according to my choice. I appreciate their work and continue to be their client.

    Shayema Artist | Painter
  • Working with Fatafati has been a wonderful experience from day one! They immediately supported and connected with my creative vision for my site and went above and beyond in materializing my ideas to a tee, while also incorporating their own stroke of ingenuity and allure. I wanted a website that was both simple yet powerful -- One that would allow my music, lyrics and photos to do all the talking -- A hype-free home base for my fans. Mission accomplished, thanks to Fatafati! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a unique and high quality website. You can expect nothing less than a diligent, innovative and truly caring team of individuals who will consistently be attentive to your ideas while simultaneously working hard to please and deliver results beyond your expectations! And the fact that they have always been super accommodating when it comes to working within the limits of my "starving artist" budget is just icing on the cake! Long live Fatafati!!

    Launna Singer | Songwriter
  • Fatafati is the web design company anyone can ask for. My website has received so many compliments from my clients, colleagues, other therapists, and other business networking associates. Fatafati captured my vision and beyond! Their creative insight is impeccable and their passion is so evident. The best point and I speak very highly of is Jeanie's communication skills! There was never a time that I felt I had to question what was going on with my logo design and website. She was already informing me of progress and keeping me in the loop on a constant basis and it was the most pleasurable business experience I've had. Only if all business transactions can be so amazing! Your website is the first thing people see and you bet Fatafati's services are worth every penny! Attention to detail and creative artistry is what sets them apart from other companies. Jeanie, Zee and their team are highly professional but down to earth and they will ensure great customer service, technical support and creativity. I rely on them for all my marketing and printing needs. I love my logo and website and I speak highly of their talent and services.

    Rowena Cua
    Rowena Cua CEO and Founder, Body Resonance Myofascial Wellness Center
  • "In the past we had worked with a variety of different web design companies to assist our clients with their needs. For the most part we had difficulty getting exactly what we were looking for based on communication issues, misquoted pricing and other difficulties. Working with Fatafati was anything but difficult. We are not artistic in any way, so we provided our basic vision in PowerPoint slides. The team at Fatafati was able to provide us with a variety of options and worked with us to perfect exactly what would work best for us. They used their creative skills to take our described visions and create a well-designed website. As an online marketing agency, implement onsite SEO techniques were very important to us during the design process. Fatafati was very accommodating and knowledgeable about such implementation and worked very closely with us on it. We also asked them to create infographics based on client data we had collected. We entrusted them to use their talents to start from scratch and design each image as they envisioned them. We were extremely impressed with their creations and have provided them to our clients for their own internal use. Everything Fatafati has done for us has exceeded our expectations. Not only is the work great, but one of the greatest pleasures we found was working with the Fatafati team. They are enjoyable to work with, listen to everything and provide very creative input. Everything Fatafati has done for Hostwall has been well beyond anything we could have imagined. We would not only recommend anyone else to use them, but now refer all of our clients in need of any design projects directly to them."

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We at FATAFATI are committed to the pinnacle of our creativity and innovation in order to find the best way to utilize and manipulate the virtual construct. Investing in innovation is the first step in fulfilling the promise of the future.

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